The analysis of poverty, the economy, and social indicators is essential for the preparation and implementation of poverty reduction and development strategies. In order to facilitate the work of researchers, I created (in most cases with colleagues at the World Bank) a number of simulation tools over the years under the label SimSIP, which stands for Simulations for Social Indicators and Poverty. A few of the tools can be used by service organizations such as Rotary clubs. Most are likely to be used by applied economists in universities, governments, think tanks, and other organizations.

SimSIP tools aim to be user-friendly and facilitate policy-oriented applied work. The tools can be downloaded and used free of charge provided acknowledgment is given for their use to the authors of each tool/manual. Please note that together with my co-authors, I do not accept any responsibility for the use of the tools or the conclusions reached by those using the tools. The World Bank which helped fund some of the tools should also in no way be held responsible for any consequence from using the tools.

My co-authors and I are simply providing the tools as a service to the research community. I will progressively add the tools on this page (a dozen of them will be made available), but if you have heard about this project and need one of existing simulators right away, please send me an email through the Contact Me page of this blog. In some cases the files are large, so downloading them may take a bit of time (the largest file is for SimSIP SAM). Each simulator includes a manual in the appropriate zip file.

SimSIP SAM – Simulations with Social Accounting Matrices

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