Peace, Conflict, and Violence

Promoting peace is one of the areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation. This page provides links to selected open access publications from the World Bank on peace, conflict, and violence. The hope is that these resources will be useful to Rotarians and others working on peace and conflict resolution.  The focus is on books published by the World Bank since 2010 as opposed to working papers, journal articles, and briefs.

The publications were selected as a resource for participants at the 2016 Rotary Presidential Conference on Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution in Ontario, California. The scope of the conference is broad, with 13 parallel tracks apart from plenary sessions. These 13 tracks have been aggregated into 9 topics for listing selected World Bank publications. The publications below range from the comprehensive World Development Report 2011 on Conflict, Security, and Development, to more specialized publications. A paper including abstracts and pictures for the selected publications is available on the Blog Series page of this blog.

Please note that this compilation of recent publications is provided as a service to Rotarians and others working on these areas without any endorsement of the World Bank as to which publications should be featured.

Conflict, Development, and Trade

World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development

World Bank Group Assistance to Low-Income Fragile and Conflict-Affected States: An Independent Evaluation

World Development Report 2014: Risk and Opportunity—Managing Risk for Development

Trading Away from Conflict: Using Trade to Increase Resilience in Fragile States

The Role of Trade in Ending Poverty

Moving Out of Poverty: Volume 4. Rising from the Ashes of Conflict

Forced Displacement in the Great Lakes Region

The Challenge of Stability and Security in West Africa

Fighting Crime, Violence, and Terrorism

The Pirates of Somalia: Ending the Threat, Rebuilding a Nation

How Firms Cope with Crime and Violence: Experiences from around the World

The Small Entrepreneur in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Situations

Nonprofit Organizations and the Combatting of Terrorism Financing: A Proportionate Response

Suspending Suspicious Transactions

Innocent Bystanders: Developing Countries and the War on Drugs

The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Postconflict Reconstruction

Proving Services in Contexts of Adversity

The World Bank Legal Review, Volume 6. Improving Delivery in Development: The Role of Voice, Social Contract, and Accountability

A Guide to Assessing Needs: Essential Tools for Collecting Information, Making Decisions, and Achieving Development Results

Local and Community Driven Development: Moving to Scale in Theory and Practice

Middle East Region

Inside Inequality in the Arab Republic of Egypt: Facts and Perceptions across People, Time, and Space

Jobs or Privileges: Unleashing the Employment Potential of the Middle East and North Africa

Labor Market Dynamics in Libya: Reintegration for Recovery

Equity and Discrimination

Inclusion Matters: The Foundation for Shared Prosperity

Do African Children Have an Equal Chance? A Human Opportunity Report for Sub-Saharan Africa

Discrimination in Latin America: An Economic Perspective

Poverty and Social Exclusion in India

Delivering Services in Multicultural Societies

Social Norms and Violence Against Women

World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development

Voice and Agency: Empowering Women and Girls for Shared Prosperity

Violence against Women and Girls: Lessons from South Asia

On Norms and Agency: Conversations about Gender Equality with Women and Men in 20 Countries

Women, Business and the Law 2016: Getting to Equal

Jobs and Employment

World Development Report 2013: Jobs

A Comparative Study of Ex-Combatant Reintegration in the African Great Lakes Region: Trajectories, Processes, and Paradoxes

Creating Jobs in Africa’s Fragile States: Are Value Chains an Answer?

Education and Health, Including Role of Faith-based Providers

Out-of-School Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Policy Perspective

Learning in the Face of Adversity: The UNRWA Education Program for Palestine Refugees

Faith-Based Schools in Latin America: Case Studies on Fe y Alegria

Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Comparing Faith-Inspired, Private Secular, and Public Schools

The Global HIV Epidemics among Sex Workers

Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society: The Experience of the AIDS Response

Governance and Institutions

World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior

Influencing Change: Building Evaluation Capacity to Strengthen Governance

Institutions Taking Root: Building State Capacity in Challenging Contexts

Societal Dynamics and Fragility: Engaging Societies in Responding to Fragile Situations

Drivers of Corruption: A Brief Review