Education and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) are two of six areas of focus of the Rotary Foundation. This page provides links to selected open access World Bank publications on those topics, with in the case of WASH a focus on WASH in schools. The hope is that these resources will be useful to Rotarians and others working on those areas. The focus is  on books published since 2010 as opposed to working papers, journal articles, and briefs. The publications were selected as a resource for participants at the 2016 Rotary Presidential Conferences on Literacy and WASH in school in Kolkata, India, and on WASH in School near Manila, Philippines. A paper including abstracts and pictures for the selected publications is available on the Blog Series page of this blog.

The World Bank publications listed below cover ten main areas as follows: Country and Regional Studies in Education; Textbooks; Education in Conflict-affected Countries; Student Assessments; WASH in Schools and School Health; Faith-based Schools; Preschools and Early Childhood Development; Teachers; Skills for the Workforce; and Entrepreneurship Education (the last two topics are also listed on the page of this blog devoted top resources about entrepreneurships, jobs, and skills).

Please note that this compilation of recent publications is provided as a service to Rotarians and others working on these areas without any endorsement of the World Bank as to which publications should be featured.

Country and Regional Studies in Education

Assessing Advances and Challenges in Technical Education in Brazil

Financing Higher Education in Africa

Governance of Technical Education in India: Key Issues, Principles, and Case Studies

Basic Education beyond the Millennium Development Goals in Ghana: How Equity in Service Delivery Affects Educational and Learning Outcomes

Achieving World-Class Education in Brazil: The Next Agenda

The Education System in Malawi

Education Reform in Mozambique: Lessons and Challenges

Out-of-School Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Policy Perspective


Where Have All the Textbooks Gone? Toward Sustainable Provision of Teaching and Learning Materials in Sub-Saharan Africa

Getting Textbooks to Every Child in Sub-Saharan Africa: Strategies for Addressing the High Cost and Low Availability Problem

Education in Conflict-affected Countries

Learning in the Face of Adversity: The UNRWA Education Program for Palestine Refugees

The Status of the Education Sector in Sudan

Student Assessments

Analyzing Data from a National Assessment of Educational Achievement

The Experience of Middle-Income Countries Participating in PISA 2000-2015

Student Learning in South Asia: Challenges, Opportunities, and Policy Priorities

WASH in Schools and School Health

Rethinking School Health: A Key Component of Education for All

School Infrastructure in Paraguay: Needs, Investments, and Costs

OECD Reviews of School Resources: Kazakhstan 2015

Water, Sanitation, Hygiene, and Nutrition in Bangladesh: Can Building Toilets Affect Children’s Growth?

Improving Learning in Uganda, Volume I: Community-Led School Feeding Practices

Mainstreaming Gender in Water and Sanitation

Faith-based Schools

Faith-Based Schools in Latin America: Case Studies on Fe y Alegria

Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Comparing Faith-Inspired, Private Secular, and Public Schools

Preschools and Early Childhood Development

Parenting Education in Indonesia: Review and Recommendations to Strengthen Programs and Systems

Early Childhood Education and Development in Indonesia: An Assessment of Policies Using SABER

Early Childhood Education and Development in Poor Villages of Indonesia: Strong Foundations, Later Success

Investing in Early Childhood Development: Review of the World Bank’s Recent Experience

Expanding Opportunities for the Next Generation: Early Childhood Development in the Middle East and North Africa

Early Child Education: Making Programs Work for Brazil’s Most Important Generation

Investing in Young Children: An Early Childhood Development Guide for Policy Dialogue and Project Preparation

Stepping Up Early Childhood Development: Investing in Young Children for High Returns

No Small Matter: The Impact of Poverty, Shocks, and Human Capital Investments in Early Childhood Development


Teacher Performance in Bihar, India: Implications for Education

Educating the Next Generation: Improving Teacher Quality in Cambodia

Great Teachers: How to Raise Student Learning in Latin America and the Caribbean

Skills for the Workforce

Skilling Up Vietnam: Preparing the Workforce for a Modern Market Economy

Demand and Supply of Skills in Ghana: How Can Training Programs Improve Employment?

Sustaining Employment and Wage Gains in Brazil: A Skills and Jobs Agenda

The Right Skills for the Job? Rethinking Training Policies for Workers

Skills for the Labor Market in Indonesia: Trends in Demand, Gaps, and Supply

Building the Skills for Economic Growth and Competitiveness in Sri Lanka

Developing Skills for Economic Transformation and Social Harmony in China: A Study of Yunnan Province

Skills for the 21st Century in Latin America and the Caribbean

Skills, Not Just Diplomas: Managing Education for Results in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Skills for the Labor Market in the Philippines

The Education System in Swaziland: Training and Skills Development for Shared Growth and Competitiveness

Putting Higher Education to Work: Skills and Research for Growth in East Asia

Entrepreneurship Education

Entrepreneurship Education and Training Programs around the World: Dimensions for Success

Entrepreneurship Education and Training: Insights from Ghana, Kenya, and Mozambique