My Research

This page provides links to my research and especially my books in case they may be of interest to fellow Rotarians and others engaged in service work.


To access (many of) my papers, please go to my RePEc page.

Book on Rotary

Membership in Service Clubs: Rotary’s Experience (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, with D. Wodon and N. Wodon).

Other Books (Most Are Open Access)

Climate Change Adaptation and Social Resilience in the Sundarbans (Earthscan/Routledge, 2015, with A. O’Donnell).

The Economics of Faith-Based Service Delivery: Education and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

Benefit Incidence Analysis in Education: Case Studies for Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean (World Bank, forthcoming).

Child Marriage and Education in sub-Saharan Africa (World Bank, forthcoming).

Early Childhood Education and Development in Indonesia : An Assessment of Policies Using SABER (World Bank, 2015, with A. Denboba and A. Hasan).

School Infrastructure in Paraguay: Needs, Costs, and Investments (World Bank, 2015).

Investing in Early Childhood Development: Review of the World Bank’s Recent Experience (World Bank, 2015, with R. Kraft Sayre, A. Epstein Devercelli, and M. J. Neuman).

Infrastructure and Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014, with A. Estache).

Climate Change and Migration: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa (World Bank, 2014, with A. Liverani, G. Joseph, and N. Bougnoux).

Education in sub-Saharan Africa: Comparing Faith-inspired, Private Secular, and Public Schools (World Bank, 2014).

Faith-Based Schools in Latin America: Case Studies on Fe y Alegría (World Bank, 2014, with J. C. Parra-Osorio).

Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society: The Experience of the AIDS Response (World Bank, 2013, with R. Bonnel, R. Rodriguez-García, and J. Olivier)

Improving the Targeting of Social Programs in Ghana (World Bank, 2012).

Poverty and the Policy Response to the Economic Crisis in Liberia (World Bank, 2012).

The Role of Faith-inspired Health Care Providers in sub-Saharan Africa and Public-private Partnerships: Strengthening the Evidence for Faith-inspired Health Engagement in Africa, Volume 1 (World Bank, 2012, with J. Olivier)

The Comparative Nature of Faith-inspired Health Care Providers in sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening the Evidence for Faith-inspired Health Engagement in Africa, Volume 2 (World Bank, 2012, with J. Olivier)

Mapping, Cost, and Reach to the Poor of Faith-inspired Health Care Providers in sub-Saharan Africa: Strengthening the Evidence for Faith-inspired Health Engagement in Africa, Volume 3 (World Bank, 2012, with J. Olivier).

Emerging Evidence on Vouchers and Faith-Based Providers in Education: Case Studies from Africa, Latin America, and Asia (World Bank, 2009, with F. Barrera-Osorio and H. A. Patrinos).

Public Finance for Poverty Reduction: Concepts and Case Studies from Africa and Latin America (World Bank, 2008, with B. Moreno-Dodson).

Growth and Poverty: Case Studies from West Africa (World Bank, 2007).

Gender, Time Use, and Poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (World Bank, 2006, with C. M. Blackden)

Conflict, Livelihoods, and Poverty in Guinea-Bissau (World Bank, 2007, with B. S. Barry, E. Creppy, and E. Gacitua-Mario).

Participatory Approaches on Attacking Extreme Poverty: Case Studies Led by the International Movement ATD Fourth World (World Bank, 2006, with X. Godinot).

Water, Electricity, and the Poor: Who Benefits from Utility Subsidies? (World Bank, 2005, with K. Komives, V. Foster, and J. Halpern).

Efficiency in Reaching the Millennium Development Goals (World Bank, 2003, with R. Jayasuriya).

Accounting for Poverty in Infrastructure Reform: Learning from Latin America’s Experience (World Bank, 2002, with A. Estache and V. Foster).

Measurement and Meaning: Combining Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for the Analysis of Poverty and Social Exclusion in Latin America (World Bank, 2001, with E. Gacitua-Mario).

Attacking Extreme Poverty: Learning from the Experience of the International Movement ATD Fourth World (World Bank, 2001).

Poverty and Policy in Latin America and The Caribbean (World Bank, 2000).

Service universel, concurrence et télécommunications (FUNDP, 1999, with J. M. Cheffert, E. Coune, N. Curien, P. De Locht, J. Fraix, L. Lecocq, and F. van der Mensbrugghe).

Marketing contre pauvreté (Editions de l’Atelier, 1993).

Logement, le droit des exclus (Editions Ouvrières, 1992).

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