Which Is Better? Creating Your Own Event or Participating in an Existing Event?

As part of our new strategic plan, our club is stepping up efforts to improve our public image and our presence in the community, in part through social and traditional media, but also through the organization of public events and participation in existing events. Which is better? Creating our own event, or participating in events that already exist in your community?

As expected, the answer is “it depends”. Both types of events are an option, and if you can do both, all the better for your club. Let me illustrate this with two events for our club in the past week: our participation in the Barracks Row Festival (an existing event) on September 24, and our seminar on education for peace and social change at the World Bank (an event we created) on September 20.

The Barracks Row Festival is an annual family-oriented community event for Capitol Hill, the neighborhood in which our club is located in Washington, DC. Some 140 organizations and vendors have stands. Depending on weather, up to 10,000 people pass through the street where the event is located from 11 AM to 5 PM. For the second year in a row, we participated. This year our stand featured a bean bag game (as shown in the picture where you can see that our game has the Rotary emblem!)  Children and adults who succeeded in throwing a bag in the hole got a cute slap bracelet. In practice, we (of course) gave the slap bracelet to all the children who wanted it. Thanks to one of our members and her colleagues, we also had face painting for children for a few hours. This was as expected an even better attraction for children than the bean bag game.


A few hundred people came by our stand, on a few occasions because they were interested in Rotary, but mostly because their children wanted to play or get their face painted. We did make a number of useful contacts, but more importantly we got our name out there in a positive way.  We contributed to an important event in our community, which we should do independently of any potential benefit for our club.

Our second event this past week was very different. We organized a seminar at the World Bank on education, peace, and social change with three very good speakers: one from our public school system and two from great local nonprofits (Street Law and One World Education). A Rotary Peace Fellow from George Mason University served as discussant, and one of my colleagues at the World Bank served as chair.

I will write more about the seminar when I will have the video to share, but for this post, in terms of comparing participation in an existing event with organizing a new event, the lessons are twofold. First, the seminar was well attended (with about 55 participants), but it reached fewer people than our stand at the Barracks Row Festival. On the other hand the people we reached included professionals that we are aiming to work with through our Capitol Hill pro bono initiative whereby we provide strategic advise to local nonprofits and agencies on the challenges they face. The event not only contributed to the broader discussion on education and peace, but it also contributed to our credibility as a partner. The fact that we co-organized the event with the World Bank. a respected organization in DC, did not hurt.

So, the message that I wanted to convey with these two examples of recent events for our club is simple: if you can, you should consider multiple types of events to make your club better known. Some of these events could be created from scratch, as we did for the seminar at the World Bank, while others could entail participation in existing community events with broader reach. Both types of events are great opportunities to make your club better known and contribute to the community.

One thought on “Which Is Better? Creating Your Own Event or Participating in an Existing Event?

  1. the rationale of creating or initiating events or participating in existing one should be tacitly to identify one s role or make one s presence known practically in the community.These activities could be could be aesthetically designed to be fun. Or again – an old tradition could be rejuvenated and ardoned with more variables and gaiety. gor instance the bean bag game created fun and Reward for participating adults and the stands are copious enough topermit variety and assessment opportunity
    ,Imagine the children face painting should have been heavenly touch and hilarious fun to submitting kids SHO must have probably seen Olympic stars and Musical stars and actors wearing body tattoos which is also warily in vogue in Japan among some gangs and traditionalists.
    Insofar these are congruous and entertaining or warmed the community spirit the event will pool crowd. this could be a launching ground to popularise Fotay values and clubs agenda and publicise Rotary s financial needs to tackle them,One activity will lead go another just as RI s GS Joh. Hewko is always passionate to raise a counterpart fu d to end polio by city to to city bike ride and socially medicalisdcit to permit duplication I other countries or states like Oregon where Ike riding is almost 1.8 % of commuters going to work on a blessed day.
    Mindful that any of these endogenous cultural activities could be a LEVER for other activities and campaign for specific interests germane to development or health or social psychology profile services in the community no Labor Lost at Creating or Joining an existing event identify and cultivate a resplendent niche
    Rotary serves ,Rotary shares Rotary Loves apply congruously here.
    thumps up for Rc CApitol Hill ,Washington Dc for effective interactions of the timber and caliber in your habitat and involving the leaders of tomorrow in picnicking events,They are attracted and they will morph to Intreactors and Rotarctors thus sustaining the family of Rotary into the next Century of improved ethics and hoped good governance and real egalitarian experience.

    Gbemisoye Tijani 
    RC Oluyole Estate ,Cedar Resort IbadanD9125

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