The Sierra Leone Education Fund: Small but Impactful

by Quentin Wodon

While some of the projects implemented in developing countries by service clubs are large, most are not.  Smaller projects may be small, but they can nevertheless be impactful, making a real difference in the life of their beneficiaries.  A good example is the Sierra Leone Education Fund.

Sierra Leone

A new Rotarian Economist Brief by Jennifer Carr Pilholski and Eric Wolvovsky tells the story of the fund and how it works.  The fund was launched as a project of the Howard County Rotaract Club with additional support from the Columbia Rotary Club.  It is now a 501c(3) organization in the US, and all the funds donated go to a primary school in Sierra Leone for materials and scholarships. As for other posts showcasing projects through briefs from this blog’s series, rather than summarizing the brief, I encourage you to read it in full here.

If you would like to submit a brief about your project, please send me an email through the Contact Me page of this blog.

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  1. Dear Quentin,

    may I ask you whether you will be in Sao Paulo so that we could meet there? I woud like to inform you about the result of my recent visit in Nigeria where Rotary strengthens the health system and makes a real impact after its successful 1st Scaling up of the Maternal and Child Health project.

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