5 thoughts on “Rotary Membership Analysis 3: Why Do Members Join?

  1. Hi Quentin,

    Thanks for you thoughtful and informative articles. If you would, I’d appreciate it if you would add our membership chair to your list.

    Bob Karns, Secretary
    Rotary Club of Aiken Sunrise


  2. Service, meetings, and friendships are all very similar. They each reflect the interactions of the members as both service and meetings provide opportunities for friendship.

    Dan Becque, Secretary
    Rotary Club of Carbondale-Breakfast


  3. I am interested in whether there is a prevalence of a single personality type, and whether there is also a prevalence of members with a particular team role preference. I don’t suppose anyone has done any work on this?


    • Julia – Good questions. At some point I will use the data we collected from the membership survey to do a segmentation of Rotarians, but I haven’t done it yet… There would not be a single personality type, but on role preference there should be a way to build a simple typology. Will think about it on my side this summer when work is a bit less hectic.


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