2 thoughts on “Rotary Membership Analysis 2: The Challenge

  1. You brilliantly articulate the challenges facing Rotary. I am a club president in District 7910, rotary Club of Nashoba Valley. Each challenge you state has a counter strategy clubs can adopt. We are a 4 year old club and I think we have adopted many of these strategies. We were best club in our first year and continue to receive major awards. Our club would be a good example to study.

  2. Quentin, as soon as I read Membership # 1, I was going to write and ask you if you had read Putnam Bowling Alone. I know it was controversial but when the book came out he came to Denver and I attended his workshop. He was very convincing. I particularily liked in the beginning when he descibed the rise of service organizations as a solution to the problems encountered in early times. I will be interested in your thought about the possible solutions this time around. I know the Association of Junior Leagues (on whose national Board I served eons ago) determined that it had to become more of an advocacy organization to continue to attract women especially as most of their members went to work and were not stay at home moms anymore. The membership grew and the women became much more involved in women and children issues. They also testified on state, local and federal concerns. They provided training in career planning, leadership governance and strategic planning. Now they are no longer considered a “white glove” association and have been very effective in bringing about change in communities throughout the country. Carry on!
    Joan H. Bristol

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