2 thoughts on “Interact Today Global Newsletter: Fall 2014 Issue and Call for Submissions

  1. This is great. High school students are good at choosing projects and getting them completed as long as they can be completed in a short period of time and they have a clear idea on how the project can be funded – either by them with an easy formula for doing so, or by others who just want their energy in getting the task completed. And they will be especially excited if there is some kind of matching formula for any money they would raise. I hope we come up with a special method for them to work through the foundation directly as going through a local club means waiting until the board meets, then waiting until a special committee from the club can work with them and ……..and by this time they have forgotten this project and are on to something else. I hope in the projects that you have already accomplished they have had more to do than just raise funds. I complement you for the success you have had to date. Barb Maves

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